Inlagd 1 oktober, 2018 | Kategorier: Nyheter |

Last week Anthesis’ Swedish office did our bit for the environment by walking the height of 8 Mount Everest and cleaning up a mountain of waste, as part of a global initiative taken by Anthesis Group. During a group walk in the central parts of Stockholm and three individual walks – from Stockholm to Mount Bromo in Indonesia – we managed to collect 14 bags of waste including e.g. plastics, metal and two whole bags of cigarette buds. Cigarette buds is a common type of waste in the streets of Stockholm, as they are normally tossed on the sidewalk. They contain toxic chemicals but also plastic parts which can spread with stormwater. It was clear to us that there are not enough bins for these around the City of Stockholm. Otherwise most waste was found along highways, beaches and – paradoxically – around recycling stations.

Find out more about this initiative and how our colleagues did at Anthesis Group’s different social media using #AnthesisEverestChallenge. You can also find us on Instagram under anthesisgroup