Welcome to Anthesis!

Anthesis Sweden is a growing company offering services within the fields of environmental and resource economy, sustainable energy systems and sustainable cities. In these areas, we offer strategic advice as well as business development, analysis and investigation, evaluation, research and education. We have deep expertise in project and process management of innovation and multidisciplinary projects. Within the field of sustainable energy systems, we have some of the leading experts in Sweden and within environmental economy we possess both broad and in-depth knowledge in socio-economic analysis (e.g. policy analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis and socio-economic impact assessment), economic valuation of ecosystem services and calculation of standard values for environmental impacts etc. We also have knowledge and experience within social sustainability and innovation procurement.

Anthesis Sweden was founded as Enveco Miljöekonomi in 2004. Since September 2016, we are a part of the global organisation Anthesis Group. We have offices Stockholm and Gothenburg but work nationwide as well as internationally.

The flowering period of a plant, from the opening of the flower bud.

Anthesis Group is a global sustainability services and solutions consultancy. We develop financially-driven sustainability strategies, underpinned by technical experience and delivered by innovative teams across the world. We take our name from the Greek word “anthesis”, the lifecycle stage of a plant when it is most productive. Anthesis Group currently has around 500 employees and offices in 16 countries all over the world. The Swedish part of Anthesis Group is registered as Anthesis Enveco but in day to day we go by the name Anthesis Sweden.