A new method for integrating ecosystem services into marine spatial planning (MSP)

Posted at 14 September, 2016 | Categories : News |

Enveco is currently involved in a project aiming at developing a ready –to-use method for integrating ecosystem services into marine spatial planning. The project, financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers, will be finished in the end of 2016 and is a colaboration with the Finnish Environment Central (SYKE) and Vista Analyse AS in Norway.

Marine resources and ecosystem services are considered crucial factors for the wellbeing and development of our societies. All the Nordic countries have long coasts and large parts of their population live close to the sea with strong bonds to the marine environment and maritime activities. The maritime activities however often result in significant environmental impact and are in many cases competing for the same physical space or resources. The marine spatial planning plays an important role for balancing opposing or conflicting interests and to ascertain that the use of marine resources remain within safe ecological boundaries. The long contiguous marine borders of the Nordic countries further stress the need for cooperation and a common understanding for analysis of environmental problems, maritime activities and planning.

This project aims to investigate whether ecosystem services analysis could be that methodological platform for a Nordic common understanding with regards to marine spatial planning. The methodology is intended to underpin decisions on tradeoffs between different and sometimes opposing interests to ascertain a sustainable development in our marine waters.

The project report will be published in the Nordic Council of Ministers publication series in the beginning of 2017.