NutriTrade proudly presents: Nutribute!

Posted at 23 November, 2017 | Categories : News |

The Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted seas in the world, and the greatest environmental problem it faces is eutrophication caused by excessive nutrient loads. As they are today, the protective measures of the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea are not sufficient for removing the problem of eutrophication. This is why we need active stakeholders, concrete reductions in discharges, and funding to implement them. The newly released Nutribute crowdfunding platform provides answers to these challenges by transforming ideas that protect the Baltic Sea to concrete actions. The platform is also a competitor in Ålandsbanken’s Baltic Sea Project.

Nutribute crowdfunding seeks to improve the status of the Baltic Sea, and by using the service, large numbers of volunteers can support the implementation of the protective measures of their choice. The stakeholders who protect the Baltic Sea can, on the other hand, present projects that result in significant reductions in nutrient discharges, and campaign in order to find funding for such projects. The role of the Nutribute online platform is to bring together the stakeholder who proposes a project idea and the project’s supporters, i.e., to transform willingness to protect the sea into active water protection work.

‘This is a historical initiative, as crowdfunding has never before been applied to Baltic Sea protection. We believe that Nutribute, as a digital service, will introduce a completely new set of opportunities for using crowdsourcing in waterway protection. Voluntary actions complement environmental protection based on legislation, and as we see more voluntary measures, the Baltic Sea will be cleaned even more efficiently than before’, explains Anna Saarentaus, Project Manager for Nutribute.

Nutribute is open and free for all stakeholders. However, the feasibility of protective measures is assessed by an expert panel prior to their release on the platform. Only those projects that pass the risk analysis will be published. The platform is administered by the John Nurminen Foundation, which has over ten years of experience in Baltic Sea protection and is well-known for its Clean Baltic Sea projects.

Read the full pressrelease here, and about the NutriTrade project here.