• Future exploitation in marine areas beyond national jurisdiction

    Negotiations are now underway within the United Nations on a new implementing agreement to the Convention on the Law of the Sea. This report is the result of a forward-looking project that has tried to foresee which kind of activities/exploitations or type of resource extraction that may develop in the areas concerned. It has also looked at the possible value that strategic environmental assessment can bring to ...

    Posted at June 30, 2020 | Categories : News
  • Brochure – Match against plastics

    Anthesis works with the Beställargruppen Konstgräs (BEKOGR) to reduce the environmental and health impacts of artificial turf and similar surfaces. Read the new brochure - Match Against Plastics - here.

    Posted at June 1, 2020 | Categories : News
  • Sweden Food Arena

    Anthesis has become a member of Sweden Food Arena - A national arena where companies and organizations in the food chain work together for an innovative, sustainable and competitive food sector. Read more about Sweden Food Arena on their website, and find a list of all the members here.

    Posted at March 31, 2020 | Categories : News
  • Supporting Our Clients Through COVID-19

    As we all navigate this uncertain period together we would like to reassure that Anthesis is here to support our clients, our staff and their families. Here's a note from our CEO, Stuart McLachlan: Supporting Our Clients Through COVID-19

    Posted at March 25, 2020 | Categories : News
  • Coffee production in Kenya

    Anthesis Sweden is together with the organisation We Effect carrying out a feasibility study for a demand driven development project focusing on resource efficient wetmills for small farmer cooperatives in Kenya. We are aiming at improved gender equality, reduced energy consumption (and peak load), reduced water consumption, and improved labour safety. We Effect, our partner in this project specialise in empowering women and small farmer cooperatives in ...

    Posted at March 19, 2020 | Categories : News
  • Agneta has been appointed Honorary Professor

    Anthesis Sweden’s Managing Director Agneta Persson has been appointed Honorary Professor at Bartlett School of Planning at University College of London. Mrs Persson has been cooperating with Bartlett School of Planning for many years, and is participating in their Master’s Degree courses in sustainable urban planning.

    Posted at March 9, 2020 | Categories : News
  • Anthesis provides support to House of Dagmar

    Anthesis Sweden is part of Anthesis Group, which is a global sustainability services and solutions consultancy. Anthesis Group currently has around 500 employees and offices in 16 countries all over the world. The company’s access to this global network of experts in a wide range of sustainability areas is a unique strength. Collaborations with colleagues around the world allow us to share knowledge and increases the value we deliver to our clients. We have previously showcased a project which ...

    Posted at January 15, 2020 | Categories : News
  • The Sustainability Activator

    Det är återigen full fart på Anthesis Sverige och vi ser fram emot ett nytt spännande år och årtiondet som FN har beskrivit som ’the decisive decade’. I slutet av 2019 lanserade Anthesis Group vår nya positionering som The Sustainability Activator. “Anthesis Group, the sustainability activator, is dedicated to making sustainability happen. Today it announces its new purpose of activating a more productive and resilient world, and how it’s going to happen.” – Anthesis Group LinkedIn, 25 ...

    Posted at January 7, 2020 | Categories : News
  • Season’s Greetings from Anthesis

    How are you making sustainability happen? Video animation by our colleagues at Lavola.

    Posted at December 23, 2019 | Categories : News
  • Roadmap: The Construction and Civil Engineering Sector

    Anthesis Sweden has signed the Roadmap for fossil free competitiveness within the Construction and Civil Engineering Sector. "Based on the decision by the parliament to make Sweden climate neutral by 2045, the Fossil Free Sweden initiative has encouraged business sectors to draw up their own roadmaps as to how they will be fossil free while also increasing their competitiveness. In these roadmaps, the industries describe when and how ...

    Posted at December 12, 2019 | Categories : News
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