Economic valuation of the environment

What is the economic value of ecosystem services or natural and cultural environments?

Anthesis address this analytical challenge through the use of established economic valuation methods. Our strong ongoing participation in research projects ensures that our expertise is up-to-date and allows us to influence the research frontier. Our past projects have included design and implementation of valuation studies, estimation of monetary values for environmental change, methodological development for handbooks and guidance documents and construction of valuation databases.

A selection of completed projects

  • BalticSTERN – costs and benefits of actions to improve the Baltic Sea environment, 2009-2012. Funded by FORMAS and BalticSTERN.
  • Economic valuation using stated preference methods. A guidance to support implementation and procurement, 2011. Funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Economic valuation applied to cultural reserves. Funded by the Swedish national Heritage Board, 2010.
  • Coordination of empirical studies in the research program Economic Assessment for the Environment (PlusMinus), 2008-2012. Research program funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Default monetary values for environmental change and ecosystem services to be used in cost-benefit analysis, 2009. Funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Nordic environmental valuation database, in co-operation with MTT Agrifood Research Finland and SWECO Grøner Norway, 2006-2007. Funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.
  • An instrument for assessing the quality of environmental valuation studies, 2005-2006. Funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

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