Sustainability analysis

At the core of sustainable development is the notion of achieving economically and socially desirable solutions while at the same time ascertaining ecological sustainability. One of Anthesis Enveco’s foremost assessment tools in this field is Multi Criteria Analysis (MCA), a tool that facilitates analysis along all three sustainability dimensions simultaneously. Our specialty since many years is found in the analysis of economic and social desirability. While analysis of economic desirability is usually about finding whether or not a project is economically profitable to society, analysis of social desirability is often connected to specific environmental problems and related democracy issues, e.g. the rights for the public to participate in, or influence the decision making process. Other common issues concern the inclusion of local knowledge into decision making to promote acceptability for e.g. new environmental policies.

Sustainability reporting within GRI4

Anthesis Enveco offers support to companies in sustainability reporting in accordance with the GRI4 guidelines. Regardless if a company is in the middle of preparations for its first GRI-reporting, or has done it previously, Anthesis Enveco offers tailored assistance in:

  • Preparations – how is the sustainability reporting process initiated, what are the essential issues to tackle in order for a smooth and efficient journey?
  • Stakeholder dialogue – how are the relevant stakeholders identified, and how is the stakeholder dialogue organized?
  • Delimitation – how are the material aspects that need to be included in the sustainability reporting identified based on the value chain of a company, where are the boundaries? How to prioritize between aspects given their significance for both the company and stakeholders?
  • Collection of data – how to decide what data that will be appropriate to convey a balanced picture of a company in the long term?
  • Reporting – what reporting is suitable for a company with regards to detail, are all the requirements met?

Sustainability reporting as a strategic tool

Anthesis Enveco offers assistance in developing sustainability reports by highlighting the creation of shared values (CSV) emanating from the activities of companies. A description of shared values may include an in-depth analysis of the positive effects (e.g. ecosystems, ecosystem services and social cohesion) resulting from company operations in general, and the effects from sustainability efforts in particular. Shared values may under some circumstances be expressed in terms of money, but more commonly in descriptive terms.

A deepened analysis and description of the sustainability work and CSV within a company does not only strengthen its competitiveness on a global market with an increasing demand for environmentally friendly and equitable products and services. It also provides evidence to underpin analysis and identification of supply chain risks that may result from changing conditions, e.g. climate change or loss of biodiversity.

A selection of completed projects

  • Balance 4P: Balancing descisions for urban brownfield regeneration – people, planet, profit, process2013-2015. Funded by SNOWMAN Network coordinated call IV. Final report (pdf, 1,6 MB)
  • Economic and social analysis in the Swedish case study in the research program Science and Policy Integration for Coastal Systems Assessment (SPICOSA), 2007-2011. Funded by the EU.
  • OSPAR regional economic and social assessment for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, 2010. Funded by Defra, UK.
  • Guidelines for applying multi-criteria analysis as a tool for achieving sustainable remediation of polluted areas, 2006- 2008. Funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

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